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    You dream it. We design it. That’s our motto.

    Santillo Design brings together Digital/Web and Print Design together to create a design powerhouse to leverage the strengths of each company. By combining these services, Santillo Design will provide you with intensely designed print products as well as digital and web production and design.

    We aim to provide the highest quality in design and the best in customer service, in an effort to help our clients achieve their goals.

    With a clear customer-oriented goal in mind, we do everything we can to deliver positive results and make our clients happy. Collectively, the result is quality in the work we deliver and clients who trust us to add value to their business.

  • Skills

  • Web Development Languages & Systems

    {css} | < html > | < ?php > | javascript | mysql
  • pdf-icone-8309-16  To view my skills and experience more in depth please feel free to download my résumé.

    pdf-icone-8309-16  A letter of recommendation from Cumberland Valley Auction Company.